Bit O’ Rhythm Percussion Studio


Private lessons available for all students from 5th grade through adult. College preparation and NYSSMA tutoring a specialty. Contact: John Wagner (845) 354-2878


The “Bit O’ Rhythm Percussion Studio” is a fully equipped percussion rehearsal studio. Please contact us at 845 354 2878 to explore rehearsal opportunities.

Bit O’ Rhythm Percussion Group

Bit O’ Rhythm Percussion Group is a 5 to 13 member ensemble that plays everything from Calypso to Classical.

  • Ragtime arrangements
  • Mexican Marimba Music
  • Jazz, Rock, Pop and Latin songs

Music available for a full Holiday Concert Collection of Songs.

BO’R Percussion Studio Equipment

    • (2) Doug DeMorrow marimbas (4.3 and 5.0)
    • (2) Musser Vibraphones
    • (1) Malletech Xylophone
    • (1) Fall Creek Wide Bar Bell Set (up to D)
    • Drum Sets – Lang/Gladstone, TAMA, Ludwig
    • Yamaha 7200 series Timpani (23″, 26″ 29″, 32″)
    • Concert Snare Drums (Hinger, Lang/Gladstone, Rogers, Pearl, Trick, Ludwig)
    • L.P. Timbales, bongos, congas and a set of Indian Tablas
    • Panyard Double Second Steel Drums
    • 28″ Stagg Gong and 22″ Wuhan Wind Gong
    • Musser Chimes
    • Assorted Tambourines, Maracas, Castanets, Wind Chimes, Bell Tree, Cow Bells, Cajon, and other toys.
    • Altenburg Grand Piano
    • Hartke Bass Amp
    • Fender “Princeton” Guitar Amp
    • Bi-Amp/TOA P.A. System